Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (API’s)

  • API’s Steriles

    • Ampicillin Sodium Sterile
    • Ampicillin Sulbactam Sodium Sterile (1:2)
    • Benzathine Benzyl Penicillin Sterile
    • Dicloxacillin Sodium Sterile
    • Oxacillin Sodium Sterile
    • Piperacillin Tazobactam Sterile (8:1)
    • Tazobactam Sodium Sterile
    • Amoxicillin-Flucloxacillin Sodium Sterile (1:1)
    • Ampicillin-Cloxacillin Sodium Sterile (1:1)
    • Cloxacillin Sodium Sterile
    • Flucloxacillin Sodium Sterile
    • Piperacillin Sodium Sterile
    • Sulbactam Sodium Sterile


    API’s Oral (Beta Lactam & Non-Beta Lactam)

    Oral API (Beta Lactams)API (Non-Beta Lactams)
    Cloxacillin Sodium Gabapentin
    Dicloxacillin Sodium Pregabalin
    Flucloxacillin Sodium Albendazole
    Flucloxacillin Magnesium  
    Cloxacillin Sodium  

Bulk Drug Intermediates and Fine Chemicals

CMIC Chloride
DICMIC Chloride
FCMIC Chloride
PMIC Chloride
Sodium 2 Ethyl Hexanoate
Activated Manganese Dioxide
Gabapentin Lactam
Gabapentin Crude

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